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18th September 2013

Bjorn again!

Bjorn again!

Thomas Bjorn won in style at the recent Omega European Masters Tournament played in the mountains of Switzerland. It was his 14th win on the European Tour and he played beautifully.  It was interesting to note that, during his post win interview, the thing Bjorn felt most happy about was the way in which he conducted himself during the tournament. Not the win. Not the golf. Not the prize money. His biggest achievement was his self-control and his discipline to 'fight to the end and not be too hard on myself.[’

Like several recent winners Thomas Bjorn is over 40 years old. In most sports 40 year old winners are unheard of!  Not so with golf. The last two Open Champions have both been in their forties - Ernie Els and Phil Mickleson.

Maybe golf gets better with age? Or maybe golfers simply learn how to control their emotions better with age? Maybe I could become a better golfer if I changed my attitudes on the course? Like many club golfers I can approach my weekly game with unrealistic expectations and a poor response to less-than-perfect shots. So I aim to be Bjorn again! I am 44 years old and I too need to dig deeper, be more realistic and less grumpy.

Thank you Thomas.

Matt Partridge

Posted by Matt Partridge